Several scholarship opportunities including 2 UJM Fondation scholarships of 10,000€. Read more in the SCHOLARSHIPS section!

Since 2008, the CIMET Consortium, composed of four European Universities, three Asian associated Universities and Chromasens GmbH, all renowned within the color research community, offers a two-year Master Course Color in Informatics and Media Technology .

The CIMET Master programme is broadly interdisciplinary and the course curriculum covers innovative areas such as color, photonics, computer vision and imaging science, computer science and multimedia technology. 


Latest CIMET News:


CIMET at BMVC 2014

CIMET Alumni Md. Abul Hasnat (from CIMET cohort 2) and Roshanak Zakizadeh (from CIMET cohort 4), attended the 25th British Machine Vision Conference in Nottingham, September 2014. They presented the following papers at the conference:

  • Md. Abul Hasnat, Olivier Alata and Alain Trémeau, Unsupervised RGB-D image segmentation using joint clustering and region merging.
  • Graham Finlayson and Roshanak Zakizadeh, Reproduction Angular Error: An Improved Performance Metric for Illuminant Estimation.

CIMET at ICPR 2014

CIMET Alumni Md. Abul Hasnat, Viktor Slavkovikj and Peng Wang, all from CIMET cohort 2, attended the 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition in Stockholm, August 2014. They presented the following papers at the conference:

  • Md. Abul Hasnat, Olivier Alata and Alain Trémeau, Unsupervised Clustering of Depth Images using Watson Mixture Model.
  • Viktor Slavkovikj, Steven Verstockt, Wesley De Neve, Sofie Van Hoecke and Rik Van de Walle, Image-Based Road Type Classification.
  • Peng Wang, Véronique Eglin, Christophe Garcia, Christine Largeron, Josep Lladós and Alicia Fornés, A Coarse-to-Fine Word Spotting Approach for Historical Handwritten Documents Based on Graph Embedding and Graph Edit Distance

New master program: COSI

The CIMET consortium is proud to announce that the new Master programme COSI (Colour in Science and Industry) has been labeled by the Erasmus+ programme (see

This new master programme is focused on applied science and industrial applications, it will open in september 2015. It will run in parallel to the master programme CIMET more focused on fundamental topics.

The 2-year Master Programme (120 ECTS) “Colour in Science and Industry” (COSI) aims to develop interdisciplinary trained experts in sectors encompassing colour, spectral and digital imaging in applied science and in applications development and analysis. The objective is to educate students in advanced methodologies, applied models and practical applications with 2 goals: enhance the employability and improve career prospects of graduates on one hand and meet the needs of industrials on the other hand.



A visible number of CIMET family (coordinator, visiting scholars and alumni) members attended the sixth International Conference on Image and Signal Processing (ICISP, 2014) conference held recently at Cherbourg, Normandy, France. 7 papers were presented by the CIMET alumni and students at the conference.


CIMET at CIC2013

CIMET Alumi Raju Shrestha and Christoph Godau, both from CIMET cohort 1, attended the 21st Color and Imaging Conference (CIC), recently held at Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. They presented the following papers at the conference.

  • Raju Shrestha and Jon Yngve Hardeberg, Multispectral imaging using LED illumination and an RGB  camera .
  • Christoph Godau and Philipp Urban, Spatio-spectral image restoration .

Former CIMET coordinator from UEF, Jussi Prkinnen who is currently at the Australian Monash University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia also attended the conference.


Rizwan defended his PhD thesis

On the 14th of November, in Lyon, Rizwan KHAN (alumni for Cohort 1) defended successfully his thesis on:  "Emotion detection from video in an uncontrolled environment". This thesis resulted from an original collaboration between University Jean Monnet and Lyon I University. The jury acclaimed a clear, well-structured and illustrated presentation in a well mastered domain. They also mentioned the pedagogical and logic quality of the new doctor from University Claude Bernard, Lyon I.  Congratulations on behalf of the CIMET consortium! 


Rahat Khan defended his PhD thesis

On the 8th of October 2013 at University Jean Monnet, Rahat Khan defended his PhD thesis "Structured representation of the visual content for object classification in color images" completed in the Laboratory Hubert Curien and become a Doctor. The jury appreciated the very good quality of his work during his PhD.  Congratulation Dr Rahat Khan, PhD!


CIMET at COSCH Meetings

The 23rd and 24th of September 2013, several CIMET members (Alain Trémeau, Jon Y. Hardeberg, Raju Sherstha and Markku Hauta Kasari) attended the COSCH management committee & Working Groups, organized at King’s College London on the topic of “data acquisition & calibration”.


Mozhdeh Seifi defended her PhD thesis

The 3rd of October 2013 at University Jean Monnet, CIMET Alumni Mozhdeh Seifi defended her Thesis "Signal processing methods for fast and accurate reconstruction of digital holograms" and became a Doctor of University Jean Monnet, Saint Etienne. 


Welcome to the 6th CIMET cohort 2013-2015

The new CIMET cohort arrived in Saint Etienne and attended the 6th induction week organised by the coordinating institution, the Faculty of Science at University Jean Monnet.

During this week, new students were supported in several administrative procedures (registration at university, opening a bank account, residence permit procedure, accommodation, etc..) and attended academic and research presentations. The highlight of the week was the orienteering treck in the “Pilat” regional park where students could discover this sport activity as well as the beautiful natural landscapes.

Students have now started classes in both Saint-Etienne and Granada and we wish them all succesfull studies and unforgettable experiences in the CIMET programme. 


CIMET at AIC2013

A good number of CIMETians participated in the AIC2013 conference, recently held in Newcastle, UK. CIMET family contributed to the conference with a significant number of papers from the CIMET alumni, students and teachers.

AIC has mentioned about the CIMET consortium and contribution of the CIMET  in its annual report 2013. 


CIMET Master Thesis presentations

The Master Thesis' presentations took place in June on the four sites of the consortium. Senior students presented their research work to the CIMET academic coordinators, reviewers and year one students. In Saint-Etienne, the presentation day ended with a nice meal on "Place Jean Jaurès".


Collaborations between the CIMET and partner institutions in Malaysia and Indonesia

From the 11th to the 13th of June 2013, Alain Trémeau from University Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne visited one of the associated partners University of CIMET, Monash University Sunway Campus (MUSC) in Kuala Lumpur  and University of Petronas in Tronoh in Malaysia.


CIMET Alumni won EMAnate Photo Competition

A photo from Rizwan Khan, a CIMET Alumni has won the EMAnate Photo Competition. The photo can be found at page 27 in the EMA magazine (issue 10). Congratulations!


Master thesis presentations - Cohort 4

The Master Thesis presentations for cohort 4 (2011-2013) will take place from 17th to 20th of June, on the four sites of the CIMET consortium. List of Master thesis is available here . We wish the students very best for their thesis work.


Collaborations between CIMET and Japan

On the 4th and 5th of March 2013, Alain Trémeau (France) and Jon Y. Hardeberg (Norway) attended the 4th Computational Color Imaging Workshop ( CCIW2013 ), at Chiba, Japan.

Four papers were presented by CIMET partners:

  • On the Uniform sampling of CIELAB color space and the number of discernible colors , Philippe Colantoni, Jean-Baptiste Thomas and Alain Trémeau.
  • CFA based simultaneous multispectral imaging and illuminant estimation , Raju Shrestha and Jon Yngve Hardeberg. 
  • Retinal spectral image analysis methods using spectral reflectance pattern recognition , G.M. Atiqur Rahaman, Jussi Parkkinen, Markku Hauta-Kasari and Ole Norberg.
  • 2D ½ scene reconstruction of indoor scenes from single RGB-D Images ’, Natalia Neverova, Damien Muselet and Alain Trémeau.

Invited Professor from Kyoto University at UJM

Ali IDE-EKTESSABI, Professor at University of Kyoto, Japan, was invited at University Jean Monnet to participate to the Master CIMET. He contributed to the course "Color in Art and Design" taken by UJM students during spring semester and shared his expertise and enthusiasm with students and staff.


Open positions at UEF in new Tekes-project

Three postdoctoral researcher and one PhD positions in the fields of spectral color research, photonics and biology are open at the SIB Labs, University of Eastern Finland (UEF), under new Tekes (Technology and Innovation) project funded by the Finnish Funding Agency and supported by the European Union Structural Fund. The application deadline is 8th April .

For more details, see PDF file .


Company excursion to ZenRobotics and Nokia

Group of UEF international MSc degree students and Spectral Color Research Group members visited two companies: ZenRobotics (Helsinki) and Nokia (Espoo) on March 14, 2013.

ZenRobotics plans robotic waste sorting systems, using advanced machine learning technology. At Nokia, the students learned about mobile phone camera systems. Thank you for our hosts in both companies!

See our group picture in the Impit Finland Facebook page!


UEF Spectral Color Research received 2 million euros funding from the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Tekes. Olympus Corporation collaborating the project

The University of Eastern Finland and Olympus Corporation, a Japanese designer and manufacturer of imaging equipment, have joined forces and are now working on a collaborative research project. The project develops spectral colour technology which makes also the use of the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums invisible to the human eye. The research project studies the application of spectral imaging and spectral image analysis, e.g., environmental monitoring and demanding industrial quality control processes.

Full press release is in address:


ImOptics: New labellisation for the Optics and Image path of the Master CIMET

ImOptics is a new programme offered by University of Granada in Spain and University Jean Monnet in France and labelled by the Mediterranean Office for Youth. This new bilateral curriculum path of the Master Erasmus Mundus CIMET focuses on the complementary of Image and Optics. It aims to develop interdisciplinary and internationally trained experts in optics, photonics and computational imaging. The objective is to educate students in advanced methodologies with two possible outcomes, either a research orientation for further studies at doctoral level, or a practical and applicative finality in research and engineering.

More information is available in PDF here.



At the Norwegian National Conference on Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (NOBIM 2013, last week, it was impossible to miss CIMET. Out of a total attendance of around 30 researchers in Image Processing from various Norwegian companies, universities, and research institutions, as a total of 7 current and previous CIMET students attended! 


6 PhD Positions at GUC

The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory at Gjøvik University College invites applications for the 6 PhD positions available in the SHP project HyPerCept – Colour and Quality in Higher Dimensions. The core concepts of the project are colour and quality, both complex perceptual attributes that are currently not fully understood. We will investigate in dimensions beyond what is common, concerning both the attributes themselves and their domain of application.

For more details, see here.


The Colour and Visual Computing Symposium 2013

The Colour and Visual Computing Symposium 2013 (CVCS 2013) will take place in Gjøvik, Norway, on 5-6 September 2013. The symposium will contain a rich program of tutorials, keynotes, invited, and regular talks on a wide variety of colour imaging and visual computing topics given by young researchers and well-known international experts in the field.

We encourage all to submit a paper with your latest research results to the symposium before March 15, 2013. For more information, see


Finnish Computer Science Society thesis competition 2013

Markku Hauta Kasari at UEF is pleased to announce that the best MSc-thesis done at the University of Eastern Finland will be presented to the best MSc-thesis competition in Computer Science in Finland. The best thesis in Computer Science selected is from CIMET alumni Md. Abul Hasnat: "SPECTRAL ANALYSIS OF NEUROSURGERY RGB VIDEO".


Project Contest 2012

The CIMET project contest final presentations were done by videoconferencing between consortium partners on Thursday, December 13, 2012. The topic related to color appearance in microscopes was originated from Olympus Corporation and four CIMET groups worked in the topic. Olympus representatives were participating the presentations in Joensuu and gave prizes to the two best teams, digital cameras and binoculars.


CIMET at ECCV 2012

CIMET “family members” contribute more and more to the Computer Vision World, 7 alumni students had a paper accepted at ECCV 2012 (one of the main conference in the field of Computer Vision), held on 7-13 October in Firenze, Italy.


CIMET at CIC 2012

Several members of the CIMET staff and CIMET students will attend the twentieth Color and Imaging Conference (see on 12-16 Nov 2012, in Los Angeles, California.


Welcome to the 5th CIMET cohort

The fifth edition of the Master Erasmus Mundus CIMET arrived in Saint-Etienne on the 10th of September and participated to the induction period organised by the coordinating team at the Faculty of Science and the International Office of University Jean Monnet.



For the 8th edition since 2008 UJM and UEF contributed to the organization of the Intensive Program in Computer Vision (IPCV), organized this year at Koblenz, Germany, see


“Erasmus Mundus” Label of Excellence for CIMET

The CIMET master will be soon enrolling its fifth cohort of exceptional students for the course edition 2012-2014. Since its creation, the master benefits from the label of excellence “Erasmus Mundus”. Following the first accreditation in 2008, the master CIMET recently obtained again the label of excellence for one year as an Erasmus Mundus Master Course.


Invited Erasmus Mundus scholars at UJM

In April and May, Amit RAY, Professor & Emeritus Fellow at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design & Manufacturing Jabalpur, India and Andreja SAMCOVIC, Associate Professor at University of Belgrade, Serbia participated to the CIMET programme as invited scholar at University Jean Monnet.


Explore Mysteries of Color --- Discover What is Color

We are pleased to announce that the Spanish version of  “The Color Curiosity Shop” “La tienda de las curiosidades sobre el color ”is now published in hardcopy in Spain through a collaboration of Prof. Manuel Melgosa of University of Granada. This book is cosigned by Mark Fairchild (RIT, USA) and Manuel Melgosa (UGR, Granada, Spain).


UJM, UEF and GUC members of the COST action, Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage

The project COSCH - Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage coordinated by the Institut für Raumbezogene Informations - und Messtechnik, Fachhochschule Mainz, Germany, has been selected in May 2012 to become a COST Action,

University Jean Monnet (Alain Trémeau, UJM - France), University of Eastern Finland (Markku Hauta-Kasari, UEF – Finland) and Gjovik University College (Jon Y. Hardeberg, GUC – Norway) are members of the COSCH consortium.


CIMET @CGIV 2012, Amsterdam

There was a significant representation from the CIMET community in the recently held 6th European Conference on Color in Graphics, Imaging and Vision (CGIV) in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 6-9 May 2012. Five papers have been presented by the CIMET alumni and students in the conference:

  • Computational color constancy using a stereo camera, Raju Shrestha and Jon Yngve Hardeberg; Gjøvik University College (Norway)
  • Metamer mismatch volumes, Alexander Logvinenko, Glasgow Caledonian University(UK); Christoph Godau , KU Leuven (Belgium) and Brian Funt, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
  • Labial teeth and gingiva color image segmentation for gingival health-state assessment, Timo Eckhard , Eva M. Valero and Juan L. Nieves; University of Granada(Spain)
  • Utilization of spectral information in clustering based color image segmentation, Zhengzhe Wu , Ville Heikkinen, Jussi Parkkinen and Markku Hauta-Kasari; University of Eastern Finland (Finland) andMonash University, Sunway Campus(Malaysia)
  • Spectral reflectance estimation from transverse field detectors responses, Miguel A.Martínez , Eva M. Valero, Giacomo Langfelder and Javier Hernández-Andrés; University of Granada (Spain) and Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Lectures on Brain, Mind, Optical Illusions and Magic

On 9th of March, at the University Granada and the Science Park, neuroscientists Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen Macknik gave two lectures on the brain, mind, optical illusions and magic.


CIMET @Electronic Imaging Conference 2012

Three CIMET alumni Raju Shrestha, Ali Amirshahi and Viktor  Slavkovikj presented their papers in the IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference 2012 held on 22-26 January in San Francisco, CA, USA.


CIMET consortium meeting

The CIMET consortium meeting was held in Gjøvik, Norway on 12-14th of  January. Co-ordinators, administrators and other representatives (Quality Board) from all the four partner universities:  University Jean Monnet (France)University of Eastern FinlandUniversity of Granada (Spain) andGjøvik University College (Norway)  attended the meeting. 


Image Processing and Analysis seminars at UJM

On the 8th and 9th of December 2011, as part of the CIMET program at University Jean Monnet, the following seminars will be held within the Image and Processing and Analysis course:  

« Color stereovision and demosaiking» by Ludovic MACAIRE, Professor at University Lille,

 « Mapping using fused sensors in autonomous robots» by Dietrich PAULUS, Professor at University of Koblenz, Germany,

« Contribution to color image processing, tracking, spatial matching and temporal fusion» by Michèle GOUIFFES, Associate professor at University Paris XI – Orsay 


CIMET develops links with Indonesia

On the 12th and 13th of November, Alain Trémeau represented the Master Mundus CIMET at the European Higher Education Fair in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the stand of the Erasmus Mundus project EACOVIROE (Action 3).  See He also participated to several University visits, along with the French Campus France delegation in Indonesia. Alain Trémeau visited the Institute Tecknologi Bandung (ITB) and Universitas Indonesia (UI) to establish bilateral agreements. See 


A Franco-Norwegian initiative: Master "3D Multimedia Technology”


Following a call for proposals from the Higher Education Ministry in Norway and the Foreign and European affairs Ministry in France, a new Master course is opening in September 2012.

This Franco-Norwegian Master course will focus on "3D Multimedia Technology" between the Faculty of Science and Technology of University Jean Monnet of Saint-Etienne and Gjøvik University College. The Master is based on the Master "Optics, Image, Vision" delivered by University Jean Monnet in Saint-Etienne and the Master in "Media Technology" of Gjøvik University College. 


Welcome to the 4th CIMET cohort

The fourth edition of the Master Erasmus Mundus CIMET arrived in Saint-Etienne on the 5th of September and participated to the induction period organised by the coordinating team at the Faculty of Science and the international office of the University Jean Monnet.


CIMET Graduation ceremony, 13th of September 2011, University Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, France.

Many congratulations to the students of the second CIMET cohort 2009-2011, who graduated on the 13th of September 2011 in Saint-Etienne. 


New academic coordinator in Finland

The CIMET Consortium welcomes Markku Hauta-Kasari as the new Academic coordinator of CIMET at University of Eastern Finland.


CIMET representative at EMA Conference in Budapest

Ateendra Kumar Singh, CIMET master student representative cohort II, attended the EMA General Assembly in Budapest on 24th and 25th June 2011. His presentation can be obtained here.


Professor Jussi Parkkinen at Australian Monash University

Professor Jussi Parkkinen, CIMET coordinator at University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu campus has recently been appointed for three years, at Australian Monash University, Sunway Campus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In his new position Professor Parkkinen will continue research in color science, pattern recognition, and image analysis. He will remain involved in CIMET through building connections and partnerships between CIMET consortium and Monash University Malaysian Campus. Interesting PhD opportunities will also be created within his research team.


CIMET at Erasmus Mundus Active Participation (EMAP)

Alain Trémeau (UJM) as coordinator of the CIMET Program was invited by the French Erasmus Mundus National Structure (see as the best practice EMMC project representative for the training seminar organized within the Erasmus Mundus Active Participation (EMAP, see project in Latvia (Riga / 17-20 February 2011).


Campus France Grant Search

If you are admitted to CIMET but not a holder of the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, please use the search engine from Campus France to find a grant depending on your country of origin. See document attached for instructions.


CIMET at Stanford University

Raju Shrestha, former CIMET student, now doctoral student at Gjovik University College was also invited to give a talk on his work at a workshop in Standford University (


Check out the latest CIMET publications!

Four CIMET students represented at Electronic Imaging Conference 2011, San Francisco, USA

  • Mekides Abebe; Jérémie Gerhardt and Jon Yngve Hardeberg. Kubelka-Munk Theory for Efficient Spectral Printer Modeling . Color Imaging XVI: Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications, San Francisco, California, USA, SPIE Proceedings, Volume 7866, Pages 786614, SPIE (January, 2011).
  • Raju Shrestha; Jon Yngve Hardeberg and Alamin Mansouri. One-Shot Multispectral Color Imaging with a Stereo Camera . Digital Photography VII, San Francisco, California, USA, SPIE Proceedings, Volume 7876, Pages 787609 (January, 2011).
  • Raju Shrestha; Jon Yngve Hardeberg and Rahat Khan. Spatial Arrangement of Color Filter Array for Multispectral Image Acquisition . Sensors, Cameras, and Systems for Industrial, Scientific, and Consumer Applications XII, San Francisco, California, USA, SPIE Proceedings, Volume 7875, Pages 787502 (January, 2011).
  • ABM Tariqul Islam and Ivar Farup. Spatio-Temporal Colour Correction of Strongly Degraded Movies . Color Imaging XVI: Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications, San Francisco, California, USA , SPIE Proceedings, Volume 7866,  Pages 78660Z (January 2011).