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Appeal policies

Partner Universities Appeal Policy and CIMET Appeal Policy

The Master Erasmus Mundus CIMET, Color in Informatics and Media Technology is delivered by four different partner universities: University Jean Monnet, France (coordination institution); University of Granada, Spain; University of Eastern Finland and Gjovik University College, Norway.

The students registered in the Master Erasmus Mundus CIMET are always fully registered in the partner university pertaining to their mobility.

CIMET students’ studies are governed by the rules and regulations of the CIMET Learning Agreement and locally by the rules and regulations of the host partner university.

1. With regards to any appeal that a student could make (mark, grade, procedure, etc…) during semesters 1, 2 and 3, the local procedure for appeal policy applies.

At UJM , the appeal procedure is as follows:

UJM Examination Appeal Procedure

In view of the UJM Examination Charter, available on, any disputes arising after the results notification must first be submitted to the President of the jury. Will only be taken into account, disputes arising from irregularities in the procedure (by reference to current legislation or this examination charter) or clerical errors in the report or calculation of grades and average.

The period of two months of legal actions take effect upon receipt of the transcript by the student (s).

► A reconsideration appeal to the Director of the Faculty of Science and Technology, soon after the receipt of the results transcript.

The appeal must be addressed by recorded post to:

The Director of the Faculty of Science and Technology

13, Rue Dr Paul Michelon

► or a hierarchical appeal to the President of the University, made upon receipt of the transcript by the student or made upon receipt of the final decision of the reconsideration appeal.

The appeal must be addressed by recorded post to:

The President of the University Jean Monnet

10, Rue Tréfilerie
CS 82301

► An appeal before the tribunal of the university’s jurisdiction, held within two months of receipt of the final decision or the decision rejecting your appeal for reconsideration or hierarchical appeal. This last rejection can be implied (no response from the administration for two months).

The request is a written and signed document, it must be written in French. The request must be written on paper, preferably typewritten and must be legible.

Tribunal administratif de Lyon

Palais des Juridictions administratives
184, rue Duguesclin
69433 Lyon Cedex 03
Téléphone : 04 78 14 10 10
Télécopie : 04 78 14 10 65
Courriel :

At UGR , the appeal procedure is a follows:

At UGR, the appeal procedure is a follows: (

Students, administrative staff or professors should contact first the Head of the Optics Department, the Secretary or the Permanent Board member of the Department to enquire about the appeal procedure and clearly explain the reasons for this appeal.

The complaint will be presented in a form established for that purpose (; in case of foreign students they can attach an appropriate English text describing the key points of the complaint. Claims must be substantiated and presented in a clear and concise form and anonymous complaints will be not be considered.

The Head of the Department is committed to respond within 30 days after receiving the complaint form. If the answer is not considered satisfactory, he/she may contact the Dean of the Faculty of Science ( or the University mediator ( at

At GUC , the rules and regulations are detailed on and

The sections 3.13; 7; 7.37; 7.38 and 9 of the document “Study regulations for Gjøvik University College” available on, details the different appeal procedures at GUC.


The appeal instructions are detailed (Instructions for making a request for rectification: against a decision made by a teacher in response to a request to rectify the grading of a study attainment) on

Acts, decrees and legal protection of students

University's operations and administration

The following are English translations of Finnish acts and decrees.

Universities Act (558/2009)
Act on the Implementation of the Universities Act (559/2009)
Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004)
Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003)
Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999)
Constitution of Finland (731/1999)

University of Eastern Finland Degree Regulations

Appeal instructions

2. With regards to the following aspects of the CIMET programme, the CIMET appeal policy applies. The CIMET appeal policy is detailed in the Quality Handbook and appeals are dealt with collegially at Consortium level by the Academic & Management Board and the Quality Board.

The appeal instructions and forms (page 21)are available in the CIMET Quality book.