Bordeaux Segalen University

Bordeaux Segalen University ( French : Université Bordeaux Segalen ; Originally called Expired University of Victor Segalen Bordeaux IV) is one of four universities in Bordeaux (together with Bordeaux 1 , Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3 and Montesquieu Bordeaux IV ) and five in Aquitaine (with the University of Pau and the Adour ). Bordeaux Segalen is the medicine and life sciences center in the University of Bordeaux system, under the Academy of Bordeaux .

Bordeaux Segalen also contains the UFR d’Oenologie, a reputed oenological institute founded in 1880 by Ulysse Gayon, the same year of foundation as the similar faculty of University of California at Davis.[1]

Since 2003, a team led by Dominique Martin of the Bordeaux University Hospital, has been rehearsing for the first human operation in zero gravity, using Zero-G aircraft. The operation is part of a project to develop surgical robots in space that are guided via satellite by Earth-based doctors. The project is developed with backing from the European Space Agency (ESA).[2]

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