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Gheorghe Zane University

The Gheorghe Zane University was a private university in Iaşi, Romania. Founded in 1996, it was named in honor of the Romanian economist Gheorghe Zane.[1] In September 2013, Gheorghe Zane University was absorbed into Petre Andrei University of Iași.[2] Structure Faculties Faculty of Marketing Faculty of Management Faculty of Public Administration References Jump up^ University History (Romanian) Jump up^ UPA din Iași a absorbit Universitatea ”Gheorghe Zane” (Romanian)

Stefan Gheorghiu Academy

The Stefan Gheorghiu Academy ( Romanian : Academia Stefan Gheorghiu , in full: Academy educational social-political Stefan Gheorghiu of the CC of the PCR – approx. Stefan Gheorghiu Academy for Socio – Political Education in Relation to the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party ) wAS the university created and Used by the Romanian Communist Party (PCR) for ITS training cadres for executive and agitprop -related functions. [1] [2]…

Northern University, Romania

North University Centre ( Romanian : University Center North Baia Mare ) is the campus of Technical University of Cluj-Napoca , in Baia Mare , Romania . The school traces ITS origins to the North University (Romanian: North University of Baia Mare (UNMB)), a former public university founded in 1974 under the name of Higher Education Institute (in 1991, Changed into Baia Mare University , and from 1996 North University…

Roman Catholic Theological Institute of Iași

The Sf. Iosif Roman Catholic Theological Institute is a private university, with a Roman Catholic character and liturgical tradition, in Iaşi, Romania, founded in 1886.[1] Structure Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology References Jump up^ Institute History (Romanian)

Iași Institute of European Studies

The Ștefan Lupașcu Institute of European Studies is a private university in Iaşi, Romania. Founded in 1999, it was named in honor of the Romanian philosopher Stéphane Lupasco.[1] Structure Public Administration Management Accounting and Information Systems References Jump up^ University History (Romanian)

Protestant Theological Institute of Cluj

The Protestant Theological Institute (Romanian: Institutul Teologic Protestant; Hungarian: Protestáns Teológiai Intézet; German: Protestantisch-Theologisches Institut) is a Protestant seminary and private university in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The state-recognized institution trains ministers for four separate Protestant denominations: Calvinism (the Reformed Church in Romania), Lutheranism (the majority-Hungarian Evangelical Lutheran Church, the majority-Saxon Evangelical Church of Augustan Confession), and Unitarianism(the Unitarian Church of Transylvania). The Protestant Institute is coordinated by five bishoprics: one Unitarian…

University of Wales, Romania

The Foundation for the Promotion of European Education F.I.N.E. – University of Wales, Romania (Romanian: Fundaţia Pentru Promovarea Învăţământalui European F.I.N.E – Universitatea Wales România), a university located in Bucharest, Romania, was established in 2001 and received authorisation to function from the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Youth in 2003. Classes are taught during the day and 3-year degrees in Management and Marketing are awarded.

Tibiscus University of Timișoara

Tibiscus University of Timișoara is an accredited university in Timișoara, Romania. It was established in 1991 and accredited by Law 484/11.07.2002. More precisely, it has 14 accredited or temporarily authorized license (Bachelor’s) curricula, according to Government Decision no. 749/2009[1] and 10 accredited or temporarily authorized Master’s curricula, according to Order no. 4360/2010 of the Romanian Department of Education.[2] Academic Library Built in 1992 with the aim to support the educational…

Commercial Academy of Satu Mare

Commercial Academy of Satu Mare is a university founded in 1997 in Satu Mare, Romania, with branches in several other counties. The university is currently constructing a new campus on a 8,500 square metres (91,000 sq ft) plot located in the largest park in Satu Mare, the Garden of Rome that will be finished in 2010.[2] Academic specialization Finance and banking Management Accountancy and Informatics Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services International…

Agora University

Short History On 10 January 2000, in Oradea was founded the Agora Foundation as a non profit, non governmental, non-political, independent organization, having a humanitarian and non-patrimonial purpose and it was enrolled into the Register of associations and foundations as a private juridical entity. Through the Decision taken by the General Committee of the Founding Members, on 17 March 2000, inside the Foundation was developed a private university and also…