ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) is a non – governmental organization consisting of more than 81 groups in 31 countries representing about 60,000 students today. Born in 1990 with the main objective to establish and foster relationships between students of Industrial Engineering and Organisation (IEM) across Europe and support them in their personal and professional development. ESTIEM creates channels of communication and cooperation between students, businesses and institutions European , bringing new experiences to young people in their professional preparation.

For this , each group organizes a variety of events at European level related to engineering, such as conferences and competitions ( TIMES, businessbooster ), seminars ( Vision , Summer Academy, BrainTrainer ), exchanges between student groups, conference planning ( Council Meeting ), regional conferences ( regional Coordination Meeting ) and the publication of the journal of the association twice a year.

ESTIEM also has a network itself collaboration among all its members to promote student exchanges. Thus, mobility in Europe and different cultures approach to power.

There are campuses in the Spanish cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.

The events organized by the association aim to bring students the employment situation of engineering at European level and provide the necessary to know how an engineer should address his career before entering the professional market tools.


All activities of the association are organized and developed in English which is a suitable for students to practice the language involved and improve their comprehension and vocabulary (especially technical vocabulary) conditions.

All activities of the association have an academic component. So participate in its activities supposed to enrich the CV with formative experiences in different parts of Europe. In addition, most of these activities are sponsored or organized directly by internationally renowned companies in the world of industry, such as BOSCH, Acenture, IBM, Schneider, Roland Berger , etc.
Free credits

This association is strongly supported by the ETSI, so for activities organized at school and for the most relevant developed outside of school, granting free credits participants will be asked.
Confidence and self-esteem

Participate in activities across Europe with students from different cultures and educational systems opens the minds of students to academic and labor reality European, drastically improving their communication skills and eliminating the inferiority complex they exit the labor market inexperienced students.
knowing Europe

If the student intends to study abroad in the future, participate in this association gives you the opportunity to meet more than sixty possible destinations or visit your favorite, whether for an activity to be organized there, or simply as direct exchange with any member of ESTIEM of the destination city. The mere fact of traveling abroad with other university students guarantees fun, plus all the activities organized by the association are supplemented with own social activities destination. Of course, much emphasis is placed on the priority of academics against the sheer fun; not in vain the slogan of the association is: Work hard, Party hard.