Eurodoc is the federation of national organizations of young researchers in the European Union . Young researchers are researchers who aredoctorando (early stage researchers) or recent doctorates in his early career postdoctoral researcher (postdocs).

As a nonprofit organization , Eurodoc addresses the situation of young researchers in Europe different aspects (eg academic mobility, working conditions, career paths, supervision and doctoral entrenamiendo)

Eurodoc releases guidelines states and makes recommendations to academic, corporate and government institutions on issues of particular relevance to young European researchers (eg on the Bologna Process and the Lisbon Agenda ). In this activity, Eurodoc is in regular contact with the main representatives in European research policy and higher education, especially with the general directorate for investigation of theEuropean Commission and the European University Association .

Every year in spring, Eurodoc meets at an international conference of young researchers. The aim of this conference is to create a framework where young European researchers to meet with political and economic leaders of Europe and get involved through fruitful discussions on the construction of the European Research Area and Higher Education.


In 2001 , several members of national organizations for young researchers met at a conference organized in Upsala , Sweden, during the Swedish presidency of the Council of the European Union .They recognized the urgent need to establish a European organization for young researchers, and used the occasion to launch a network of national organizations. Following these efforts, Eurodoc was founded in Girona , in Spain the 2 as February as 2002 . In 2005 , Eurodoc was established in Brussels as an international non-profit organization.