Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Inholland University of Applied Sciences (Dutch: Hogeschool Inholland) is a vocational university, located in the Netherlands. Its organizational structure is a result of a collaboration of four formally independent institutions.
Inholland presents itself as ambitious, innovative, and internationally oriented. It offers Bachelor programs in the fields of Economics, Law, Management, Communication, Art (School of Music), Health care, Environment studies, Education, Horticulture, Information Technology, International Business, Logistics Management, Marketing. and Aeronautical Engineering in location Delft.


Inholland College of Applied Sciences is located in the following cities:

  • Alkmaar
  • Amstelveen
  • Amsterdam
  • Delft
  • The Hague
  • Diemen
  • Dordrecht
  • Haarlem
  • Hoofddorp
  • Rotterdam
  • Paramaribo


The Rotterdam branch of Inholland participated in the IFIUS 2005 World Interuniversity Games in October.