KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (Danish: Københavns Erhvervsakademi, usually referred to as KEA), is a school of higher education in Copenhagen, Denmark. The academy is an independent self-owning institution subordinated to the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. Degree programmes offerered are mainly applied degrees, especially in design, technology and IT. The academy grant undergraduate and academic degrees but not master’s or doctoral degrees. In addition to full-time studies the academy offers supplemental education, part-time programmes at bachelor’s level and short-term courses for people who need to strengthen their qualifications. With 4,717 full-time students and 3,907 part-time students and about 350 employees as of 2015, the academy is one of the largest business academies in Denmark.


KEA currently consists of 8 different locations, most of which are concentrated in the districts of Nørrebro and North West.

The main campus, KEA Guldbergsgade, occupies a dense site in the area mellom Guldbergsgade , Mimersgade , Peter Faber Street and Nørrebrogade . It opened in 2013 to design city Bertelsen & Scheving Architects and is partly located in a converted four-storey industrial building from the 1950s, a former printing business. [1]

The other buildings are located on Princess Charlotte Street (No. 38) in Nørrebro, Bispevej (No 5) and the lantern (No. 16 and 37 (in North West, Lersø Parkallé) No. 2), Landskronagade (No. 64) and Rosenvaengets Alle (No. 20B) and Frederikkevej (No. 8) in Hellerup .


Academy Profession Degree Programme

  • Computer science
  • Design, technology and business
  • IT technology
  • Multimedia design and communication
  • Production technology

Top-up Bachelor’s degrees

  • E-Concept Development
  • Design & Business
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Product Development & Interactive Development

Bachelor’s degrees

  • Architectural Technology and Construction Management
  • Business, Economics and IT
  • Jewellery, Technology and Business


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